You Should Visit Wandlitz

Wandlitz has a beautiful lake that attracts many visitors.
Photo: Media Parker (Creative Commons)

      Just a short hop from the elegant boulevards of Berlin lies the town of Wandlitz. In Wandlitz you can go sailing, hiking and a lot more things.

      Hiking, riding a bike and walking are other activities you can do. In the winter there are other activities you can do. In the winter, if the lakes are frozen, you can go ice-skating.

      If you go to Wandlitz in summer, you must visit the Wandlitz Lake. There is a super beach with many activities, for example a big playground, an island and a jump tower. You can sleep at the youth hostel.

      Our woods are interesting. You can see animals, for example eagles, deer or sometimes snakes. No matter. They aren’t poisonous!

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