Poetry Project Makes Poets of ESOL 4 and 5 Students

As part of the poetry workshop Violeth Minja talks about a painting that inspired her to write a poem.
The students also had to act out some verbs.

Moving My Soul

Freeze I was frozen,
Freezing, how a heart died.
I see my friend, and I start to run
To hug them.
I am running faster and faster, then I fall down.
I stand up and my soul starts to dance
My body starts to vibrate
Than I explode the moving of my soul
How happy and excited is life.


Knowing that you can’t stop
And that you had been trapped
That you can’t escape
And the hit is a moment away.

Knowing that you might die
Or even explode up to the sky
Maybe be thrown and start flying away
And start floating in the air.

Wonder is away with you
Not knowing what lies ahead
That’s the feeling of a crash
Fear and hope not to get smashed.


Dance, Dance it is fun
Even though you are in class.
Dance, Dance is much fun
If you have a partner who knows to dance.

Dancing in front of others makes me shy
Because I don’t know how they dance.
But I close my eyes, and I say why?
If I love to dance
Why do I have to be shy?
So I dance and dance
And the truth is that I love to dance.

The Kiss

I stole a kiss from a girl.
Her dad saw me.
I started to run - her dad was running behind me.
I was running so fast I decided to jump.
My jump was so high that after landing my ankle got twisted.
I felt like something exploded inside me.
Then I felt like my whole body collapsed.
After moments on the floor I could stand.
My ankle wasn’t all right.
That is why after that, I am limping, so
To that kiss that I stole from that girl
Who doesn’t want to be with me.


Spinning to the right and left
Like spinning a spinner
Switching velocities, 1 to 2 to 3
Like the switching of classrooms
Going faster and faster as the electricity goes
Crashing on everything in front while flying
I drive fast.


Open, open, open
Open eye, open mind…
Round, circle or oval…
The morning or the night
Of light and dark
Sunrise or sunset
Monday or Sunday
Happy or sad
Can see everything
Friends, food, family…


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