School Punishments in Other Countries

     The way teachers behave with students in schools in some countries is far different from the way teachers punish students in the United States. In many countries, it’s common for teachers to beat students and do other things to embarrass students.
     Don Baltazar, an 11th grader from Cameroon said that teachers beat students. They beat students not because they don’t like them. It’s because if sometimes they don’t beat a student, the student will be disrespectful which might lead them into trouble. “The  teachers in my country beat to show students how to be nice with people who are bigger than they are,’’ he said.
     There are different reasons why the teachers beat students. Maybe the students don’t come to school or come to school late. Maybe they fail a course.
     The teachers also give other punishments sometimes when a student misbehaves in school or fights.Teachers don’t only beat a student. Sometimes the teachers call the student’s parents and ask them if they know that their child came to school late. Another punishment teachers give in Cameroon is by asking students to “pick pines.” This means they have to stand on their hands with their feet in the air.
     Fadima, who is from Burkina Faso, said that the teachers in her country punish students  by asking them to clean the whole class or cut the grass around the school campus.
     The way the teachers discipline in the U.S. is far different from many other countries because here when teachers want to discipline a student, they will give the students detention or suspension.
Don Balthazar believes the teachers discipline students in his country to make them show respect for each other and teach the students to respect their elders. “This is how people will respect you, too,’’ Don said.

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