Missing My Grandparents

     When people first come to this country they miss their native country a lot. But then they get used to this country. But even after 4 years in the U.S., there are some things I still miss, my grandparents.
     My grandparents are special. When I grew up they took care of me. My grandparents love me because I was the only who was little. I was the youngest child. They took care of me beginning when I was born. That’s why I love them.
     My grandfather is 85 years old now. He looks old but I still love him because when I was with him he was so sweet with me. He gave me everything I needed. When I needed money he gave me money and he gave me love. My grandmother is a sweet person because she is nice with everybody. She is 69 years old.When I remember my grandmother I feel sad because I can’t talk to her. She is the only one who understands when I have a problem. She loves me so much and I love her. I love her because she is the best grandmother.
     I have one thing I am so happy about. It is because I can see my grandparents every year. because they have a visa and they come every year to visit me. That is the way I can see them. But I still I hope I can go back to my country and do the same things that we used to do when we were together.

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