Making Hard Decisions

     Sometimes some people have to take hard decisions. A hard decision for many immigrants is to change to a new country or not. For many, maybe their lives are not easy, but maybe they don’t have an option to stay in their countries.
     I had to leave my country because my father wanted to live in this country. It was a sad decision for me because I had to leave all my friends and my family. I talked with my father about his decision, but he just told me that I didn’t have an option, that I have to go because no one is going to be there to take care of me. I think my father made that decision because in my country the work was low.
     I came here when I was 16 years old. We came to Maryland because one uncle came here before us. I remember when we were in the airplane I was thinking about all the good things that I enjoyed in my country, like going to school or playing soccer with my friends. Sometimes decisions can change your life a lot because they can be good or bad. Some decisions can change your life in a bad way, like using drugs or getting sick because you miss your family that is in your country a lot. I didn’t want my decision to be a bad one.
     Some people say that go to a new school is easy but it isn’t because it is not the same thing that’s in your country. There are new classes, a new language and these are a big problem when you don’t know those things and you need a lot of help to learn the new things.
     I have some friends that have the same problem. Their parents had to make a decision because of problems of money and they wanted to find a better life. But we are lucky because people help us here. Even though it was difficult to leave my country, I think the decision of my father was good because now I have new friends, a new school and also I am learning a new language.


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