Skype: Try It to Video Chat with Friends and Family

If you and the person you want talk with have a web- came and microphone to your computers, you can"video chat" with each other for free using free software called " Skype"
Photo by The Lilac B. Roller (Creative Commonts) with computer screen image modified.

     Leaving friends and families and coming to a new country is a very sad and difficult thing to do. But thanks to computers, it can be easy to keep in touch with friends. We can even talk to them and see them regularly.
     I’ve been in the United States for one year. When I was in my country I had a lot of friends and one best friend. We used to go out together all the time and we had many things that we shared. We liked to swim during the summertime and when it was cold we liked to go to clubs, restaurants and to the movie theaters. After my family moved to the U.S, at first it was difficult for me because I missed my friends, especially my best friend. When I was leaving my best friend, I cried a lot because my friend and I couldn’t imagine not seeing one another every day. So when I came to the U.S. I tried to keep in touch with her. The first thing I did was to e-mail her. Then I started to call her twice a month but it was a little bit difficult and very expensive. Then I decided to chat with her on MSN messenger. It was better but I still wanted to talk to her. Then I heard about something called “Skype.” It is like a computer phone so that two people use their computer like a phone. To skype you need to have an Internet connection, and download the Skype software to your computer. After that you need a headset. Also the person you are corresponding with has to have the same materials as you in order to communicate by Skype. If you have a web-cam you can see the person you are corresponding with.
     Then after I got the software and bought my headset and web-cam, I started to skype with my best friend.  When I want to skype with her, I just send her a text message telling her to connect herself at the time I want to communicate with her.
     I like to skype with my friends because I don’t have to pay anything and I can also see the person. When I skype my best friend and see her sitting at her computer and talking to me, I feel excited. It’s like I was back there. It’s so much fun! Sometimes it’s hard for us to visit each other with the computer. We still have problems to be at our computers at the same time because our countries do not have the same time. In my country there is a gap of 4 hours between the time in my country and that of the U.S. That’s why we can’t be at the same time and communicate to each other. Sometimes we can only talk on the weekend. But I don’t want to give up because she’s still my best friend and I need to talk to her. 

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