New Country, New School: We Need to Help Each Other

     Before people get into another country where they will go to live, they are very worried about how their lives will be there. Sometimes they think that their lives will never be the same as when they were in their countries. They think about how the people are there. Are they friendly or angry? Many people get very nervous when they think about moving to a new place.
     Students think very much about how their first day of school will be. The international students have this problem and more because sometimes they don’t know the language, they don’t know anybody, and sometimes they are shy and they might be afraid to ask for help.
     When they arrive in a new country, many times their fears come true. They feel very sad because they miss their countries, friends, family, food, favorite places like their school, house and other things. It is very difficult to adapt to life in a new country, because the customs are very different. What I am writing about is real because this is what happened to me. Before I came into the U.S., I was worried about many things. I thought about the language, new friends, school, and many other things.
     When I arrived in the U.S. I felt very sad because I missed my country, life, friends. I also felt bored because when my parents were working I had to stay at home. Here in the US life is different from life in my country. Everything is different, customs, food, language.
     My first day of school was in March last year. I was very nervous that morning and I didn’t want to get up. I felt like butterflies were flying in my stomach.
     To make it worse for me, I was very shy and I didn’t want to talk to anyone because I didn’t know the language and I didn’t know who the people were.
     When I went to my first class, I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t know what the teacher said, but there were many people who spoke the same language as me. Some of them were laughing at me because they came before me and they understand the language better than me.
     But there were three girls too, and they helped me. Their names are Maryori, Jezabel and Beverly. They are still studying at Takoma Park Middle School.
     As the days were passing I was meeting new friends but Beverly became my best friend. She always helped me and we both helped each other. Even though I found friends I was still feeling sad because sometimes I felt like everybody was ignoring me.
     Three months later I had to leave school. The school year had ended and I had to come to Blair H.S. The day after the promotion I went to school to say good-bye to my new friends. That day I felt sad because I thought I would never see them again.
     On my first day of school at Blair I felt different than my first day in middle school because it was the beginning of a new school year and there were many new students. I felt better because I knew that I wasn’t the only new student.
     That day I met new friends. For some of them it was their first time at school in the U.S., so I tried to help them because I know how new students feel when they go to a new school and they don’t know anybody and they don’t know the language.

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