Winter: A New Experience for Many International Students

Some people come to the D.C. area without clothes for the snow and cold weather.
Photo: Lauren DW (Creative Commons)
The weather in D.C. is not cold all the time. It is pleasant in the Spring
Photo: K. Kinjo (Creative Commons)

    I’m a student of Blair High School. I came from Vietnam, a place where the weather is always hot and dry, except in November, December and January. When I just came to the U.S., the weather changed from really hot and wet to cool and sometimes freezing.
    In the springtime the weather is so nice in Washington, D.C. They have some days of rain and then the cherry blossoms come out and it’s beautiful.
    But it is the opposite in the wintertime. People like me from Vietnam don’t like the winter. We moved from near the equator where it’s warm and got far away to the north where the weather becomes cold.
    Ho Pham is another student like me who came from Vietnam who feels uncomfortable with the     weather in D.C. “The weather in D.C. in the winter time is so terrible. It’s so cold outside and some days have snow. When I look through the window I feel sad and I want to sleep all day,” Ho said.
With the Vietnamese people, they have never seen snow before in Vietnam. But some of the little children like to be in D.C. because most of them like to play in the snow and make a snow man.
     Sometimes students aren’t prepared for the cold weather. Mr. J. Bellino, the head of ESOL at Blair H.S., remembers one time the school had a late opening because of too much snow. He was surprised when one of his students from Vietnam walked to school in the snow with flipflops and bare feet.  “I asked her why she didn’t wear shoes and she said she only had the flipflops,” he said.
     Another bad thing for the people in winter is we get sick from the weather in D.C. In the winter it’s cold and there is the pollen in the springtime.
But, except for the cold and the pollen, the weather in D.C. is nice most of the time and this is a nice place to live.

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