Where I'm From

From left to right: Guy-Mark, karina, Hai Shan, Ho.

I’m from the sponge,
From Palmolive and the sticky crust of food

 I’m from the unfinished house next to ours.
(Empty and full of hiding places.)
     I’m from the mango tree
the Acacia
on which I’d be a monkey
     I’m from “taro” and hot temper
from David and Marie.

     I’m from the get your feet off the chairq1
and the stand straight,
from work if you want to eat.
     I’m from He is alive,
He’ll be back
and Ave Maria that I sing with joy.

     I’m from Nsimeyong and Biyem Assi,
French bread and hot chocolate.
     From the heart attack my grandmother had
at the fields.
     In my closet there is a suitcase
     full of old clothes,
holding old memories
that are far but so like yesterday.


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