A Good Club to Join

The Fajita Coast, a restaurant near Blair, is owned by a Blair graduate and former ESOL student.

     If you are looking for a good club to join, try the African Club. The African club was created in 2001 by Mr Ngbea, a Blair teacher from Nigeria. “     The African Club was initiated to build new relationships and friendships among African students and create a place where students feel at home,” Mr. Ngbea said.
     Mr. Ngbea wants the club to help with academic activities and help students of African origin ease into a process of assimilation into the American culture while promoting an authentic African way of life.
     The club counts more than ten members from different African countries. I’m part of the club and I feel that I found a new family and new friends. I know that to be an African is not a bad thing. To be proud and not to care about what people say and think because of my culture is my identity and I will never change it.
     Most of the members agree with me. “I feel comfortable and I always have that feeling to share my time with my Africans friends,” Loretta Nulla said.
     “I learn a lot at the club. Also I get to know the cultures and traditions of other Africans countries,” Sonita Nulla said.
     The African Club helps many students in many.

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