Things I Miss from Guatemala Things I Miss from Guatemala


Guatemala has many beautiful mountains and trees.

     I am from Guatemala and I hope to go back because I miss my friends and grandparents.
     I miss my best friend, Marleny. I miss her because sometimes we used to take a walk in the afternoo n, and I went with her to take her sister to school. Sometimes she came with me to my home. We cooked food and ate with my grandparents and her family.
     When I came in the United States I didn’t tell her I was leaving. My cousin gave Marleny my telephone number in the U.S. but she never called me.  I think she is mad at me because I didn’t tell her when I came here
     I miss my grandparents too because they took care of me when my parents came in the United States when I was only three years old.
Where I lived is a beautiful place. There are mountains and beautiful trees. In the front of my grandparent’s house my grandmother planted fruit trees like apple and cherry. There is also corn and I remember the fun things we did.
     On Christmas we celebrated in my aunt’s house or with my uncle or in my home and we gave presents to everyone. We made food like tamales, enchiladas, and tacos. We drank chocolate, and rice with milk and caliente. After that we ate fruit. Sometimes we celebrated only with our family or in the church. We ate food like chicken, dobladas, pizza, and fruit.
     These are all things that I miss. I hope to go back there in two or three years.


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