The New Year Is a Happy Time in Ethiopia

     The beginning of the New Year is a special holiday for most counties and for different countries they have different ways to celebrate the New Year. I want to tell you about how we celebrate New Year’s day in Ethiopia.
     In Ethiopia we call the New Year’s Enkttash. A week before the New Year comes people go to shop to buy new clothes, even poor people. If they don’t have money, they borrow money from neighbors and celebrate like other people. Also people cook and clean the house. They change the house style and they promise not to do bad things in the new year and students promise to do their best at school.
     On New Year’s eve we go to church. After that they do fireworks at midnight. On New Year’s day groups of young girls and group of young boy go to sing in the neighborhood. But before that they have to choose a good girl who won’t lose money She has to be someone they trust because she is the one who collects the money. So those girls who are best friends go from house to house singing and collecting money for the themselves.
     It is the same for young boys, too. They do the same thing as the girl and get together in boy groups, but they do it on New Year’s night. Everybody can get the same amount of money. After that they can do what they want to do with their own money.      But most of the time young people buy the gifts for their family and for their friends.
     At the night time of New Year’s day the family comes together to eat and drink coffee. If you have a gift from another person you have to open it and see what you have. Many young people in Ethiopia don’t eat a lot of good food at the New years but they eat a lot of candy because they spend their money on sweet things.

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