Former ESOL Student Becomes a Fashion Designer

Danny Tran, a Blair graduate and former ESOL student, designs and makes men's and women's clothes to sell.

     Danny Tran is a former Blair student from Viet Nam who finished high school from Blair High School in 1996. Now Danny has created a job for himself as a fashion designer.
     After he finished high school, he went to Montgomery College and he found a job to make some money at the college to help pay his tuition. He was working very hard for two years in college.
     After he finished college, he went back to Viet Nam to study how to make dresses and how to show his fashions to everybody.
Now he is a fashion designer. His job is to get ideas for dresses that people will like to buy. He also makes dresses himself.
     Danny participates in a lot of exhibitions. He wants to show his ideas to every one so he can see how people think about his ideas and also buy the dresses he makes.
     Danny likes his job, but not everything is easy. “Any job is hard for everybody when they start and that’s true for me, too,” he said. “With me the hard one is about the customers. Some customers are nice but some customers

are very mean.”
     Even though Danny does not like how some people talk to him, he smiled when he said that we must be nice to them. “Nooo, that is my job and we need to communicate equally. I can’t be mean with them because they are my customers,” he said
     One thing Danny wants to do is to help Blair students learn about the fashion and modeling business.
His advice to the ESOL students is to learn a lot of English. “Your job will be easier if your English is good.” Danny has some advice for learning English. “I think it will help you if you listen to English music, TV shows, read the books from library, magazines, novels,….. anything you see in English.” Danny believes students need to learn how to say the words to be sure people understand when you talk. “Your English will grow very fast,” he said.
     Danny knows that high school is important. “What you need to do when you are in high school is to work hard and you can do whatever you want if you have determination to do that.”

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