Former Blair ESOL Student Starts His Own Restaurant

Mr. Jose Beltran, a Blair graduate and former ESOL student is the owner of the Fajita Coast restaurant across the street from Blair. The Fajita Coast is a family restaurant that serves many popular dishes. The dining room can seat 250 customers.

     Mr. Jose Beltran, a Blair graduate and former ESOL student has found his dream. He is an owner of the Fajita Coast restaurant at Four Corners, across the street from Blair.
     The road to achieve this dream took many years. After Mr. Beltran finished Blair, he went to Montgomery College where he studied business management. While he was in the college, he had a part-time job. “I worked in a restaurant at night time,” he said.
     After he finished at Montgomery College, he continued working in restaurants before he ran his own business. “Working experience was the best teacher,” he said.
     Finally Mr. Beltran went into this business. Finally after 17 years he had enough money for his own restaurant. “I came to this business by saving my money,” Mr. Beltran said.
     Mr. Beltran loves the business of working with the public and dealing with the customers. “I like to communicate with people and learning how to be nice for the people in the business world,” he said.
     He has a good interchange of thought with his employees, too. “They are good people; they know their job,” he said. He believes that good workers cooperate to move the business forward.
     One thing he remembers about Blair was having an article he wrote published in Silver International. “I still have the newspaper,” he said. “I wrote about my country.”
     He shared ideas that can help students be what they want to be. “Listen to the teachers and they will help you to make your dream true,” he said. He mentioned one of his teachers who helped him when he was in high school. “Mr. Bellino is my hero,” he said

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