Meet Mr. Stephens, One of Blair’s Great Teachers

Mr. Stevens, a popular U. S. history teacher, has sancks for the many students who go to his room for help during lunch.

     Meet Mr. Stephens, one of the best teachers at Blair. He teaches ninth grade U.S. history and is the sponsor of Christian Club. He gives most of his time to Blair students.
     Bodeshi is a sophomore at Blair and a former student of Mr. Stephens. She thinks he is the most caring teacher she has ever known at Blair. “He wants his students to learn. He teaches his students to stay organized throughout high school and into college,” she said. Mr. Stephens gives a lot of work to his students. “But he is a very patient teacher,” Bodeshi added.
     Christie is a junior at Blair High School and was also one of Mr. Stephens’ students. Christie agrees that Mr. Stephens is patient. He is also supportive and the kindest teacher she has ever known. “He helps you with any kind of homework and gives snacks to every student that comes to academic support so they won’t get hungry,” Christie said.
     Students love to go to Mr. Stephens’s class because he is funny and sometimes makes you feel comfortable with him. “Anyone who doesn’t know Mr. Stephen’s should try to know him,” Christie said.
     Mr. Stephens is a very busy teacher during lunch and after school because he is always helping his students. His classroom door is open for every student, not just for the students he teaches. “I want students to have someone that is there for them to help them when they need help,” Mr. Stephens said.
     Mr. Stephens has been teaching at Blair High School for six years. He started teaching history and a course called Connections, which is for 9th grade. But now he teaches U.S. history and has a class for ESOL students only.
     This is the first year that Mr. Stephens is teaching a U.S history class to students who are learning English as a new language. “A lot of those students are pretty bright. It is a good experience for me,” Mr. Stephens said. He said that is easy to communicate with the students because they have a good knowledge and good understanding of the language.
     Mr. Stephens is an organized teacher. Being organized allows Mr. Stephens to give more of his time not only to his students, but also to other students that he does not teach. “I open my room up and let them come in where they can feel comfortable, where they can feel loved, where they can feel respected, where they can get help and I think it is more inviting,” he said.
     Mr. Stephens remembers when he was in school there were no teachers willing to sacrifice their time to help the students to make sure the students have the chance to succeed. He doesn’t want that to happen for his students. Now some of Mr. Stephens students return and tell him how his class has helped them become successful in college and how has made their lives easier “They will see when they get to college why I give them a lot of work,” Mr. Stephens said.

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