Singing in a Summer Program

Hector Ochoa practiced with other high school students to prepere songs to sing in a formal presentationat the end of the week.

On the final day of the program, Hector and the other high school students preformed classical songs with a chamber choir.

Marie: Why did you choose this program?
Hector: I have to go to the beginning. When I finished the participation in the school play last year, Ms. Josey talked to me about this program. Then I heard that you have to pay $200, so I told Ms. Josey that I probably won’t be able to go for financial reasons. She told me that she would take care of that, so I went with another student from Blair High School. The reason I was there was because I like singing and I think it was a very good experience, but really intensive.
Marie: How was the singing with older people?
Hector: We started Monday with a small group of students, 18 high school students from other high schools. We worked during the week for one presentation on Friday night and then we worked with the older singers. They were really awesome. They sang really, really well.
Marie: How many languages did you have to sing in?
Hector: We sang 5 songs. We actually started practicing a song in Hebrew, then we went through 2 famous songs that were in English. Then we started practicing a song in Latin. Last it was a song in German. So it was Hebrew, English, Latin and German.
Marie: Was it difficult to sing?
Hector: Yes! For me at the beginning it was really, really hard. I remember the first day I was like shocked because I had never ever been in a chamber choir class and all my fellows, they were used to it. For them it was just like chilling out, something really easy. But it was difficult for me.
Marie: What did your family think about this?
Hector: They actually saw the finished program. We were really prepared on Friday night, When we made the presentation, everyone liked it. So I think that it was really a nice work and I think it worked because everybody cooperated and everybody did what they were supposed to do, We performed very well.

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