Our Names: By Students in Mrs. Adamson’

My name means love in English. In Vietnamese it means “wishes, dreams.” My dad really wanted a son, so when I was born that means his dream came true. Then he gave me my name. As a number it is a perfect ten. It is the colors of the rainbow. It is the pure water that my dad usually drinks when he is thirsty. It is a clown that makes fun when my mom comes home from work. It is traditional music style that dad loves to dance with my mom at my family’s parties.
In Chinese, it means a dragon with extreme power. It was my cousin’s name - my cousin who studied hard and was motivated in all his work. My cousin was a brave and great person who sacrificed his life for the country when he was in army to protect the country. My name has a part of people’s blood, people who have fallen to protect their country. Sometime, I feel proud of my name because it is a part of my country and I will study hard to be worthy of my name.
I love to make people smile that is what my name does. People laugh when they say my name and I want to see the smiles always on their faces. It is a symbol of peace, making people live together in a wonderful world.







My name in English means tranquility. In French my name means opposite. It means responsibilities; it means avoiding. It is like the number six. It is the color black. It is the Cameroonian face of my grandfather when he wakes up in the morning tired and sad like the sea in the night .
It was my grandfather’s name and now it’s mine. He was a wet bird, born like me when it was raining during the war when people had no place to hide. In my culture if you’re born when it is raining, that is the sign of good luck and many opportunities.
The history of my name came from my great grandparents who were the king and queen of the village. They were very caring, smart, and polite towards every body. So that is why my parents gave me the name Carol which is the sisters and brothers of the king or queen.
In my family most people respect me because of my name and give me attention. However, there is one thing that I had inherit from no one, which is responsibilities, but the fact is that I like my name the way it is, who I am.
At school many people respect me, a lot of people say that I look like a responsible person, a rich person. Perhaps I have inherited that from my grandfather because that’s how he looks. Many teachers and friends say that I’m very quiet, but that’s what makes my strength. However a lot of people like my attitude and that makes me feel proud.







In English my name means farmer, worker, and in Spanish it is a person who operates a farm. I know this because I found the meaning in the encyclopedia. The number that represents it is 5 because it’s the day that I was born. It’s the color blue because it’s my favorite color.
My mom decided to give me this name because she liked it and my uncle has the same name. When he asked her what name she was going to give me, she said, “The same one that you have.” All my family felt exited because I was going to be second Jorge in my family.
The characteristics that I have are friendly and honest. Those are the characteristics that my family taught me to get a better future in my life and to be a good man.
The attitude that I have when my friends call me Jorge is I feel proud because a lot of people told me and I know that many people want to have my name. Also most of my friends say my name in English, George the same as Spanish so I like my name. I don’t have a nickname because I like to respect every body so I don’t like when the people give me some nickname.








Guilherme, Gui- lher-me, yeah, that’s my name, a very difficult name to pronounce and that’s why people just call me “Gui”. My mom gave me this name. My parents are both European but born in Brazil, so they speak Portuguese. My name came from the German and it means to protect, to defend. In Brazil people just call me Gui because Gui means little Guilherme and since they have called me Gui since I was a baby, people got used to it. Even now, I’m almost 17, people still call me Gui.
When people in United States ask my name I just tell them “Gui”. Guiherme is so hard to pronounce that only two people in the United States were able to say it right, my brother-in-law Anthony and my girlfriend Laura. In Portuguese my name has a similar meaning to German, a man who’s proud of his strength (physical, mental or moral) and would do anything to help the ones he loves.
My name means a lot to me because that’s the name my parents gave me but I don’t really like when people call me Guiherme . When people call me Guilherme it sounds like I did something wrong for example my mom only calls me Guliherme when she is really mad at me.
My dad says that your name is the only thing you have in life; people will always remember your name. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, you have to honor your name. If I had to choose a name before I was born I would’ve chosen Achilles, the great Greek warrior or may be Renaldo, one of the greatest soccer players to ever play the game.
I guess I’m happy with Gui or Guilherme. I wouldn’t change my name and I think people shouldn’t be ashamed of their names. Remember what my dad said, it doesn’t matter if your name is John, Greg, Jacob, Michael or whatever. What’s really important is the value that you give your name.


In English my name means strength , consistency, willingness, and love. In Spanish it doesn’t mean anything, but I sounds funny when people try to say it in English. My name is like the number 11, always standing strong and always with a partner relying on each other. My partner is my soul; it is more like an inner strength pushing my limits more to be better and stronger.
It is my uncle’s name and my uncle got it from a very good friend of my grandfather who is Italian just like my grandfather. My grandfather’s friend was a good person, always persistent, willing , and hard to take down, just like me. I wish I had had the honor to know my grandfather’s friend because he was great man and a really responsible and reliable man. My grandfather considered him a friend and more than a friend he was my grandfather’s best man and business partner.
My friend’s like my name because it is challenging to try to pronounce and it holds a lot of meaning. My name is like a trap, you have t be careful to say it or your tongue gets stuck and it ties up. Then you ask for help and fell ashamed of the mistake you made trying to pronounce it. I’m glad my Mom and Dad named me after my uncle because he is a real role model and I’m proud of my name.

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