Meet Ms. Diana Blitz, Blair’s New ESOL Counselor

Ms. Diana Blitz is the new counselor for ESOL students.

     ESOL students have a new counselor. Her name is Ms. Diana Blitz. She is new in Blair, but she has a lot of experience.          Before coming to Blair as a counselor she was a counselor at Wootton High School in Rockville, Maryland. Before Wootton she taught social studies in a private high school for 19 years. At that school and at Wootton there were very few       ESOL students.
     Ms. Blitz likes working with ESOL students. “My problem is that I do not speak any other language. I wish I could speak with them all in their native languages,” she said. “But the students are lucky to have such tremendous teachers in the ESOL department.”
     Ms. Blitz said ESOL students are good students and the teenagers are similar in every high school. She said they are lots of fun. She helps ESOL students find easier ways to do things.
     Betty is in grade 12. She likes the new counselor. “She is good about the way she explains for ESOL students,” Betty said. “Other students like her because she is an understanding person for all students.”
     Kalkidan is an 11th grade student. She thinks Ms. Blitz is helpful for students and she is so nice. “She helps me a lot,” Kalkidan said.” She tells me what courses I need for high school credit.”
     Everyone thinks that if you have a problem about anything, Ms. Blitz will help you.

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