Seen from a Different Perspective

This photo of students in a Czech school was taken after a former Montgomery Blair teacher had a workshop with a Slovak photographer. See how it was made below.

    “In April we had a workshop with Miro Svolik, a Slovak photographer living in the Czech Republic, who became famous among other things by his photos taken from above. After some 90 minutes in which Miro presented his work he asked us to work out some ideas for the photographs. In the end we realized three pieces. The first was a football match on a grass surface. This photo was taken by Miro and many others from the windows of our school. The next two were taken from a platform truck we ordered to come to our big school parking lot. They represented people on the go (see page 12). It was a very nice and creative day.”

    “The workshop was very interesting. I have never experienced anything like that. It’s an innovative attitude in the field of photography I didn’t know about. Sometimes the photos are very funny and this is what I like about them. I will never forget lying on the parking lot.”

    “The meeting with the photographer was really impressive. We could feel that there was no difference between Mr. Svolik and students. ... I thought that he altered the photos using PC but it is not true. There is no computer manipulation.

    “I’ve always admired photographs by this artist but the personal encounter unveiled his friendly character. A fulfilled wish! ... On the same day we made a large printout, Mr. Svolik signed it, we framed it, and hung it on the wall. We are very proud of it. “

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