A Mother’s Courage

     Have you ever considered your parents brave people? I have considered my mom as a very brave person. She has gone through many things throughout her life and she has never shown weakness. I am not the only one who admires my mom; her sisters, friends and other people do, too. She has gained respect because of the courage that she shows and because of the ways she shows her bravery.
     One the thing she has done is saved my sisters and me from bad people who wanted to harm us. She dared to move to another country, to a completely unknown city to make sure that we were safe. Also she is the family head, and she plays two roles: the darling and caring mommy, and at the same time the strong and brave dad.
     My mom is always positive and no one ever sees her down. She is always cheering my sisters and me up. Another reason why she is brave is that she always speaks up when she sees that something is unfair, and I admire her because she stands up for her ideas even when she doesn’t speak the language from this country. I hope that my mom keeps her bravery forever because I am sure that my sisters and I will always need her support.

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