Does Anyone Care about What’s Happening in Darfur?

This U.S Agency for International Davelopment map shows the manny orgagnization thet are trying to help those affected by the fighting in the Darfur region of the Sudan.

 The civil war between in Sudan has attracted the world’s attention. How much do you know about what is happening there?
     The northern area of Sudan is mostly populated by Muslims and the southern is rebels who are Christians. The government of Sudan is controlled by the northern Muslim government. According to Blair’s Students for Global Responsibility (SGR) the Sudanese government along with the militia group it hired know as the Janjawid, have been killing thousands of innocent people.
     A reporter for the Washington Post newspaper stated that the fighting going in the Sudan for the past four years has mostly been in the Darfur region of Sudan, and has caused as many as 450,000 deaths and chased 2.5 million people from their homes. In Sudan’s vast Darfur region, nomadic tribes and farming communities have often fought over access to scarce water.
     “With no question, Sudan is one of the largest [refugee] operations right now,” Tim Irwin, a spokes person for United Nations High Commisioner for Refugees (UNHCR), said. The UNHCR is also supporting more than 200,000 refugees in a refugee camp in Chad, which is 100 km west of Sudan. “More than 200,000 refugees live in Chad,” Mr. Irwin said.
According to the Students of Global Responsibility situation in Darfur is very critical and inhuman. There has been widespread rape, torture, displacement, abduction and killings of the entire Darfur population.
     Because of the situation of Sudan, some students from Blair joined a rally on March 30th in front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C. “There were 30 students and a couple from Blair,” Amanda Pollak who is the junior at Blair said. The rally was organized by the Amnesty International which was run on the National Week of Student Action on Darfur.
     According to Mr. Vlasits who is the head of the Social Studies department, China plays a very big role with Sudan and has more influence over Darfur than any other nation. “China is the largest trading partner and investor in Sudan,” Mr. Vlasits said. “The Sudanese government exports lots of oil to China and uses the profit,” he added.
     Many have referred to the situation in Darfur as genocide. “It’s definitely a genocide because people are being executed for no reason,” Mr. Vlasit said. According to the SGR the Sudanese President al-Bashir is not allowing anyone to come into Darfur and help because he’s afraid it will lead to his and other officials’ arrest by the International Criminal Court. “It’s definitely government action to get rid of the entire group of people who are causing trouble,” Mr. Vlasit’s said.
To help find a reasonable solution to this crisis, the SGR suggest that people contact one of their elected officials to tell them you care about Darfur.

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