When Do People Choose Their Careers?

     Do you ever think about what you want to become for your career? People have different paths for choosing their careers. Some people decide what they will be in high school and that becomes their passion and careers dream. But many people think about what they will be in high school and change their minds.
     Mr.Bellino, an ESOL teacher at Blair, decided in high school when he grew up, he wanted to become a history teacher and now he’s an ESOL teacher at Montgomery Blair. Even though he is not teaching what he thought about first in high school, he is still a teacher. But many people have different stories.
     Many people dream of their careers and make plans, but when they reach college or work they change their plans to a different career. Ms. Bohorquez is an ESOL teacher at Montgomery Blair. When she was in high school she thought she would become a biologist. But when she went to college she decided to become a lawyer.
     After she was a lawyer she changed her mind, deciding she wanted to become a teacher. When she became a teacher she really liked her job and her students. Ms. Bohorquez said that teaching is in her family, “My grandmother was a teacher for thirty years,’’ she said.
     Ms. Tomesek, another ESOL teacher at Blair, didn’t think about being a teacher in high school. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do and I didn’t focus on what to do,” she said. She decided she wanted to become a teacher after she graduated from college. She decided on this job because she wanted to do something that will help people. She also did not want to be sitting at a desk all day in an office. She wanted a job with a lot of people around her.
     Ms Madden, media center assistance at Montgomery Blair, said that people don’t really do much planning about their career. “It happens,’’ she said. “It is like the job comes to them.‘’ When she was in high school she wanted to be a P.E. teacher, but she didn’t. “I couldn’t go to college because my parents couldn’t afford it,” she said. The way she got her job at Blair was her friend told her about it. She never thought she was going to be a media assistant. But she likes her job. “It’s a way to interact with the kids but not in class,’’ she said.
     Mr. Mangum, a security assistant at Blair did not think of what he wanted to be in high school. But when he was in college he said he studied sociology and he worked for the Montgomery County Department of Corrections. After he retired from there he wanted to work in the school system to see if he could help the children.
     Mr. Quiroz, an ESOL counselor, said that if someone wants something, she needs to work hard towards it. “Go for it and try to pursue it no matter what comes your way,” he said. But first you have to decide what you like to do.


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