Meet Nasrin Akter

     A lot of immigrants come to America because in the U.S they have opportunities to do many things. Nasrin Akter is like many other immigrants. She came to the U.S from Bangladesh because her country doesn’t have things like the U.S has and she didn’t have good schools in her country.
     On March 7, 2006 when Nasrin actually arrived in the U.S, she was full of excitement. She was eager to see this new country and start her new life in the U.S.
     But at first everything was “absurd and dreadfully dreadful,” she said because she didn’t speak the language. “It was hard for me to understand,” she said. “One day inside the school students were asking me to give them my paper. I thought they were saying to give my mom to them,” she said.
     When she remembers that experience she said she still laughs about it because she couldn’t speak to people. Speaking was hard for her. “I couldn’t repeat what they were saying and it was hard to understand me,” she said. Because she couldn’t speak to people, she felt lonely at first.
     Her goal in the U.S is to be a doctor. “There a lot of people in my country who don’t have doctors and medical materials she said. “When I finish everything I want go back to my country and help them”
     Today she is learning successfully, but she knows she has a lot more to learn before her dream can come true.

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