Latin American Cultures Are Not All the Same

In Ms.Castro's classroom, room 163, students can see varities of many things from Latin American countries. Even students who are Spanish speakers learn about the cultural traditions of the many countries of Latin America.

     People sometimes think that people who are Spanish are the same. But there are different cultures from the people of Latin America. There are differences in the music, food, and the traditions.
     An important thing of every country is the music because it gives us hope. For example the music of El Salvador is the kind of music that makes people put their feelings into dancing a popular dance called the Cumbia. In Mexico the traditional music that they have is called Mariachi. Peru is one of the countries that has a kind of music called Salsa. In Chile they have a folkloric music called Cueca. Also in Guatemala they dance the Marimba and other typical folkloric music
     The food is a very important and delicious thing to the cultures in the countries of Latin America. In El Salvador the most famous and delicious food is pupusas, which is filled with cheese and meat. In Mexico they usually eat toritllas almost always with pepper. Also in Peru they have a traditional food called ceviche with shrimp, lime, and yucca. In Chile they like to cut empanadas with meal, onion, egg and pasta. In Puerto Rico the arroz con gandules, peas and rice, is popular. In Guatemala they have a different food like tamales known as cuchitos.
     There are a lot of traditions among the cultures and countries of Latin America. “In El Salvador we usually celebrate las fiesta patronales” Flor Perez said. This is a holiday in May when they have parades and parties.
     “My favorite holiday in El Salvador is New Year’s that we celebrate on December 31,” Flor said. They have a party with friends and family. All the people like to be outside and they watch a lot of fireworks.
     In Mexico they have a special tradition for the dead people. This is Daniel Diaz’s favorite holiday. “I like that day most because we remember our family,” he said. They celebrate the day of the dead on November 1 and 2. They usually put photos of the dead family member on an altar and they put food that they liked and other things there. “My favorite holiday in Mexico is February 14,” said Osmar Gonzalez, “because on this day one of the greatest Mexican heroes passed away.” Miguel Diaz who is also from Mexico said his favorite holiday is on September 16. “This is the day when people were led by Miguel Hidalgo to rebel against the government and proved their courage,” he said
     According to Yuri Ibañez, the biggest holiday in Peru is the Independence Day which is celebrated on the 28th of July. Another big holiday is the Carnival in February.
     The most celebrated holiday in Chile is September 18th, Chile’s birthday; on the 19th of the same month there is a military parade. “My favorite holiday is on September 18th because I go out with my friends and drink chicha and wine,” said Angelo Castellini.
     In Puerto Rico January 6th is what they call Dia de Reyes (King’s Day). Puerto Ricans wait for their presents at night which are going to be brought by the “kings.” 
     Nery Ochoa from Guatemala said “My favorite holiday is December 24th, we call it Noche Buena or good night,” he said. “We celebrate together as a family in our house until it’s 1:00 in the morning. We eat a lot of regional food and we also light up a lot fireworks on that night.”


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