A Letter from a Former Montgomery Blair ESOL Student: Career Dreams Can Come True

       I was reading the most recent issue of Silver International and two articles came to my attention. The first one was “It’s

Hard to Have to Choose Between Two Countries” and the other was “Career Dreams of Kids Can Come True.” I wish to comment on the two articles as my life is the combination of both right now. This is my message for the authors, Zenayda and Carolina, and the readers of Silver International.
     When I was young I dreamed of becoming a doctor and a humanitarian worker. Now, at the age of 44, both dreams are now realized. Through hard work, determination and visions, those dreams can actually come true.
     You have to have a vision in everything that you do. Once there, then you work hard to make the vision become a reality. It may take forever, but it can come true.
     I am reflecting my life at Blair as a new immigrant and a teenager. How difficult it was for me then. I know that countless immigrant children face the same journey every year. If I didn’t keep my focus, I would not be able to be where I am today. I was also lucky to have wonderful mentors like Mr. Bellino and Mrs. Abramson. The combination of the focus, the vision, the mentors, the hard work and determination, made my dream come true.
     Now, 30 years after leaving my native country, I don’t really have to choose between the two countries. Once I said that I didn’t think I would go back to Thailand. Now I am traveling there so much that people are so envious of me. You can be in the two countries that you love and have the best of both worlds.
     When I am in Thailand, I enjoy its rich culture, the wonderful food and the lovely people. Through them, I learn to be humble and take things easy. The gentleness of the people is their wonderful quality. I bring that home to the U.S. and use it to improve the quality of my life. It improves my relationship with my family, my staff, and my patients. When I am in Thailand, I use my American (slight) assertiveness to push things a little bit so that tasks can get accomplished. Because of the two cultures, I can use them to my advantage in any given situation.
     What I have done is to make my dream come true. Once I reach where I want to be, I bring my expertise back to my native country and help improve the lives of many. My two worlds are intermingled nicely. I can’t wait to go back again. Never say never.



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