Letters to the Editor


    Your poems and stories are good. I like them so much, so keep doing the good work. But I would like you to add some other countries like Ethiopia and other African countries. Even if teachers and students don’t send their stories or poems, I wish you write it yourself.
     On page seven you you wrote about rats and cars in French. I would really like it if you write in any kind of language in the world that you will write it in English, too, because of a lot of people speak English.

     I enjoy reading your articles and my favorite one is called “Some Are Alone Here in the U.S.” I liked it because I always wanted to know how it feels if somebody comes to a new country alone. Since I came to this country with my mother, brother and sister and even my father was waiting for us, so I didn’t have a chance to experience how it feels.

     The story I read was very interesting because it was about a girl who came from El Salvador to the United States. In this article she said that she felt like she was in hell. She loved to go to parties in her country and she didn’t liked to do her work. I think that all you should write more interesting and funny stories.

     The article I read was really interesting but I do not see many poems. Those would be interesting, too, because a lot of people enjoy reading poems. Article like the one “Some Have Come Here Alone” are really interesting because a lot of people have lived that life. It isn’t easy when you came hear and you have no family. You have to find your way around everywhere.

     When I saw the newspaper I felt so happy because it’s so good. Information about the stories like how we came to U.S. are good. The newspaper is really a good example for me.

     I want to tell you that I really like the articles that I read. My two favorites were “Some Are Alone Here in the U.S.” and “Do You Want to Return to Your Country or Stay in the U.S.?” I really like these two articles because it was like my life when I came to the U.S. three years ago. It was very difficult for me because I didn’t speak English and I didn’t know anybody when I went to school.

     I liked the Liberia story. Whoever write the story about Liberia is a good story writer. This Liberia story interested me. My country is next to Liberia. Every time you write this newspaper,write more about Liberia. I have a friend named Saybah. She is from Liberia. Thank you for telling me about the problems in Liberia. I know all the things that happen long ago in Liberia. How do you know about Liberia?

     I love the newspaper that your made. It was fantastic and interesting because students wrote about great things. I like the page about the trip. When I read about the trip I was frightened at the snake because it is bad. I like when you talked about cute boys. I want to go on that trip when I come to Blair High School and I want to write for Silver International. It will be fun.

     Your story Silver International Is Twenty Years Old was interesting a little. But I like the part when they call Bellino to come to the office. He was thinking, “What am I going to the office for?” But it was a good thing and now he is the man of the Silver International.

     Silver International is very great. I like it, but you should add jokes to make some fun so everybody likes your newspaper. Just add some funny things. If you don’t mind, I would like to join your paper writing something. If you like, I will send you my e-mail address.

     I like the story by Elma Rivera. The story talks about how she was bad and when she came to the U.S, she was better, got good grades, did better in school. She said that she used to come home late, but now she stays home and she is good.


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