What We Thought about Our Outdoor Education Program

     In outdoor ed. we had lots of fun and adventure. We learned about so many different things like the weight balance. We also learned table manners and how herbivore, carnivore and omnivores eat plants and meat. We humans eat berries, vegetables, and meat.
     In the night we went night hiking. We identified each and every star. We had lots of fun and adventure.
The next day we had the snake man visit our cabin. He taught us about the snake and let us feel it as well. We had lots of fun in outdoor ed. It was great.

 On the first of the school my reading teacher told as about all the things that we are going to do at Outdoor Education. She said we are going to sleep there. She told us what kind of food we are going to eat and the kind of activities that we are going to do.
     After going to Outdoor Education, I recommend this to the 5th graders to go to outdoor education. I recommend this because it’s lots of fun and you will be with your friends. You get to go to campfires or you will to go up a mountain and you will play different kinds of things. It will be lots of fun.

     On the first day of school my reading teacher kept bugging us about the Outdoor Ed program. Finally the day came to go to Outdoor Ed. After the bus dropped us off at the place for Outdoor Ed we met Mr. Shilling who talked about it. Then we walked along a trail after we got there and we had lunch. Then we went to see the cabin where we had to sleep. Then we did our first active stream study. It was fun.
     After spending two nights and three days, I could see why our reading teacher kept bugging us about outdoor ed. The games were great. The food was great. It was great.


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