Trying to Understand Discrimination

In the U.S and other countries, immigrants and others have had a hard time recently.

     Why does discrimination exist? There are a lot of people who do not like others just because of their color, just because of their religion, just because they are not from this country. Why does this happen?
     Since I came to the United States to study, I’ve been listening and learning how some people act with others from another country, maybe because we do not speak their language or maybe because we have different looks or ideas.
     I do not know how people like that can have a heart. In some ways I’ve been discriminated against when I did not know how to speak English. The people from this country looked at me and they laughed at me, even now when I try to do my best showing them that I can talk like they do, they still laugh at me. I do not know what is wrong with them.
     I hear in school that this country has all the rights for the people, but when I stop to look for those rights where are they? Sometimes it seems that the majority of Americans want to look at us like if we are from another planet just because we are immigrant people who come here just to get a better life.
     I do not think that this is a problem in the U.S. only. I heard about some problems in Europe and other countries, too. But there are other countries that don’t like immigrant people. In some countries people hate so much that they kill other people.
     In the U.S. they are not killing the immigrant people, but what how does it look when they separate the families. Sometimes they take away a father or a mother to send them out of the U.S. and they don’t care if the rest of the family will suffer, especially the children when they will live without the parents protection.
     Where are our human rights? It looks like they don’t exist because the people who do that need to be human first and then they can see like a human. They can know how a human thinks, feels, and cries when it is necessary. But those people who try to separate the families, cannot cry or think like a human because they do not have feelings to consider people like us, the immigrant people.


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