Found Poems” about Elie Wiesel’s Book Night


The Look in His Eyes

From the look in the depths of the mirror
On April tenth
Right on until the evening
The look in his eyes
As they stared into mine
Has never left me
Not of revenge
Nothing but bread
But of revenge, not a sign
And I had but one desire
Seeing him again alive
I yelled against the wind
Everyone lives and dies
He has closed his eyes
For himself alone
A trickle of saliva
He kept his eyes shut
The look in his eyes
He was afraid
From the depths of the mirror
…….The look in his eyes

The Disaster Upon the Jews

Jewish community
Zohar, The cabbalistic books
German soldiers, steel helmets
Two ghettos in sight

Hungarian police
Ordered to run
Never ate enough
Without emotion
Why couldn’t they have died?

Transferred to building unit
Am I Jewish?
Not Afraid
Standing near the wall
Friends would say the kaddish

Camp has become a hive
Marched without faltering
Faithful guards assassinated
Death for a mouthful

Where were you?
Stay at Buchenwald
A corpse gazed
Jews must come


Don’t cry
Don’t waste your tears
They take me for a madman
You wouldn’t believe
The famous cruelty

The week of Passover
The shadows beside me
Abandoned streets
I had been afraid
Dead had passed
And unexpectedly

I felt weak
I wanted to run away
An icy wind blew in violent gusts
It was very cold
I ran
The sirens began to wail
I was afraid
Possessed me

My father woke me up
I told him
My interminable
Don’t worry
He said
I’ll never forget
The look in his eyes, as they stared into mine, has never left me….

Toward Midnight

A pause
Had come in,
The odor of the angel of the death
Such a clout
Before my very eyes
He whispered in my ears
Every now and then
Have faith in life
Lost in his thoughts
And dried up
Kill the satan
Within us
In the sky
Empty and dead


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