ESOL Students and Home Computers

     Eight years ago a lot of ESOL students didn’t have a computer at home or couldn’t use a computer in the house. Today in 2007 it is different. More ESOL students from Montgomery Blair High School have computers at home that they can use. Also more students have the Internet at home.
     We gave a survey to 220 ESOL students and 172 ESOL students returned the paper that we gave them. 62% said there is a computer in their house that they can use. 38% said they don’t have a computer at home they can use. 50% of the students who returned the survey said they have the Internet in their home.
     This is different from 1999 when 206 ESOL students did the same survey. At that time, only 26% of the students had a computer at home that they could use and only 14% of the students had the Internet at home.
Most of the people use the computer for typing or for doing homework. A lot of people listen to music and download music. About 30% said they use computers for games and chatting.
     Raul Hernandez is a 10th grade ESOL student. He said, “I think the computer is really important because in the computer we can do our homework and it is totally helpful with my classes and my life.”
     Marvin is a 9th grade ESOL student. He said, “My computer is old and I don’t have Internet but I use my computer for homework and to listen to music and sometimes for games. My computer is slow and sometimes I need the Internet for my homework.”
     Diana is a 9th grade ESOL student. She said, “ I love my computer because I do my homework on my computer and I listen to music and it is helpful for me and my family, too. My computer is new and super fast.”

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