What We Like about Germany

By Students in Gymnasium Wandlitz, Wandlitz Germany

Drawings by Robert Zimdars and Benjamin Seidler

    We like Germany very much because of the great variety of scenery. In the north we have the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. In the middle of Germany is a wonderful lowland with grain fields, grape fields, and forests. In the south of Germany are the Alps with its beautiful and lonely Alpine pastures. Wonderful lakes are in Brandenburg. The famous River Rhein flows through the west of Germany. Around the Rhein are wine-growing areas.
    The cities are so multi-cultural. Germany has many sights, for example Berlin the TV tower the most famous column of Berlin, Siegessäule, the “Branden burger Tor,” the Nicolai church and so many other things.

    We are proud of our country because here there are many people from different countries, different cultures and all people are accepted by everyone. The politicians are most of the time fair and correct.

    Germans are philosophers, musicians, artists, people with their own identity and their own style of life. The sound, the smell, the teaste, the feeling… Germany is not just my home country, it’s my life.

    We like in Germany that we have a woman as chancellor because we had only men chancellors before and maybe a woman can rule the country better.

What should politicians or other people do to make our country better?
    We think that the politicians should find solutions for the foreigners problem here in Germany, mainly in Berlin where there so many people from other countries who don’t adopt. And another big problem is unemployment. Many young people don’t find an apprenticeship.

    They should look after students much more and they should build better schools.

    The politicians should do more for young people, for example, where the young people can meet and the most important thing to create more jobs, so that families have a chance to live more satisfied lives.

    The politicians should do something against the unemployment. They should reduce the taxes.

    Everybody should do something about crime and the Neo-Nazis.

This year the world Cup was held in Germany.


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