Memories and Hopes for Liberia

After long period of war in Liberia, the future is begining to look better.

    I have been away from my country Liberia for two years, but I often think about my country. Some memories are sad and some memories are happy.
    In my country Liberia, West Africa, some of my happy memories include school because it’s important to me and education which holds the keys to success. Another happy memory was my family because my family was always there for me in my weakness and strength, especially my aunt. She always sacrificed for me and gave me good advice. She and her husband meant the whole world to me and they did their best even when they did not have much. But they gave me what they could afford.
But I have sad memories, too, especially the separation of some of my family members which was caused by the past war. People were running everywhere for safety. There was also a lot of poverty. When people were running for safety, everybody had to leave their important belongings. Poverty was caused by the war, too, because a lot of people abandoned their things and there was nothing left for them.
    According to my grandmother, Liberia’s problems started in 1979 when a few men and women who were studying in the U.S. went back home to Liberia and incited a demonstration stating that the president, William Tolbert, was cheating the poor people of Liberia by selling rice at a high price. During the demonstrations the president was assassinated by some army men headed by Samuel K Doe.
    Samuel Doe became the next president. He was the president until 1990 when Charles Taylor got some of the tribes to fight against the government. This caused a terrible civil war in Liberia that killed a quarter of the population. This war lasted 16 years. Charles Taylor became the leader of Liberia but he was forced to leave and now Liberia is putting the war behind it.
    Now we hope there will be peace and prosperity and more good changes. We the people of Liberia hope the nation will rise and shine and be the way it used to be. And we hope that all the children who don’t have an education will now have a chance to get a good education. This will help make a better future for Liberia. We hope there will be good electricity, good running water, and good future leaders of Liberia. I also pray there will be a better understanding among the people and no confusion in Liberia, a nation that will rise, shine, and prosper and see the goodness and the glory of God’s work.


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