Have You Changed Since You Came to the U.S.?

    Many people from different countries come to U.S. and drastically change within a short period of time. Because the U.S. is so different from many other countries, parents sometimes are afraid of this. They think that a good person will become a bad person.  I’m a junior from Blair High School. I’m from El Salvador and I have been here for two and a half years. When I was in my country my life was different from here. I have changed a lot from the kind of person I was before, but I think I have changed in a good way.
    In my country I always liked to be with my friends after school. I didn’t even like to do my homework. Also I liked to go to parties and I always fought in school or anywhere else when I saw that someone didn’t like me. I had more freedom to go to parties and get home late whatever the time was. But now after I came to the U.S. my life has changed a lot. I always have to be at home and not go anywhere. I have to be in my room all the time because my father doesn’t let me go to a party or to my friend’s house. I have to be at home always.
    At first when I came here I didn’t like it because I felt that I was in hell even though I was at home with my father. Now my mind has changed. I feel like my life has changed for the better. I’m going to church now and this is the main reason that I have changed my mind. When I feel God in my heart, I think it’s not that bad to be at home.
    Now I get better grades compared to the grades from my country. Now I look at my past and think if I were in my country, I think that maybe I might have a child or be married with a horrible life that I don’t want.
However the experiences I have had are not the same for everyone. Arely, a student from Blair High School thinks that sometimes coming to the U.S. is not a good idea. “When I was in my country my dream was to come here to the U.S. to make some money and be by myself, independent with no one beside me,” Arely said. She wanted her family to be proud of her, but now her dreams have changed. ”Unfortunately now I’m here and I must work but I’m not doing what I had in my mind before.“
     Living in the U.S. has changed her to a sad person. ”Because I’m living by myself, I miss my family and my country,” Arely said. She feels that since coming to this country she’s lost her culture and her family. But Arely hopes that one day not so far away, what she left behind will be hers again. She hopes to go back with her family and start again.
Arely believes that some people think that going to another homeland is the best choice that we have, but sometimes it doesn’t work because our minds change a lot.  But Arely is philosophical about this. “Sometimes we want to change who were but we can’t,” Arely said.

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