Our Stories of Injustice

Tired of Being Not Being Wanted
    When I was seven years old my mom came here and my sister and I stayed in Mexico. My sister was sent to one of my aunts that lived in D.F Mexico and I stayed in Oaxaca with my other aunt. At first, she treated me okay but as the months passed she started paying less attention to me. I mean, sometimes she took away my plate of food. After months of living there, I was super skinny and I had white marks on my face. My grandma saw me and took me back to her house. She was a great cook and she was always nice to me. She fed me. After four months I had my original weight.
    Then my mom came back, but she left me again and she left me with my grandpa. He always treated me great but he had another family and that didn’t go well. When my grandpa was around they treated me okay but when he wasn’t, well, let’s just say that it wasn’t pretty. I was a year there but then my mom came just to take me out of there and to my aunt in Mexico. I was there six months and then I went to my uncle’s and stayed for a year. Then, after my mom left for another year, I couldn’t take it anymore. When I was thirteen I called up my real father and went to the U.S. embassy, got a U.S. visa and came to stay with my mom. I was in seven schools in five years and I’m still not over it yet but I’m working on it
Missing Dad
    When I was eight years old I lived with my dad and my little brothers. The situation in my country was critical so my dad decided to move to the U.S.A. to give a better life to our family. After my father left us, my brothers and I had to move in with my grandma. I think that is the only injustice in my life because I could not see my father until I was sixteen years old. During the time my dad was far away from us, I was always missing him and my pain was bigger when I had to see my brother’s in great need of my dad.
Sad Stepson
    This story is about me personally being treated unjustly when I was a little kid back in my country. My father and I were doing things together. I mean, we had an amazing family. But soon my mother passed away. My father married another woman even though he had always promised my mother he would never get married to another woman. After my mother passed away he got a girlfriend and they got married and had kids. So with me and the step-kids growing up, we were not treated the same. So I had to do all the work at home while the other kids got the good treatment. They got treated like kings. My father saw all of that but he didn’t say anything about it. So it was at that moment that I felt lonely and treated unfairly because of having a stepmother.
Wondering Why Life Is So Difficult
    The parents of Thao, my neighbor in Vietnam, were divorced when she was 16 years old. So then Thao was living with her mom. One day when Thao was quarreling with a girl, that girl made fun of her because she didn’t have a dad. At that time nobody taught that girl to be polite with people. Thao was crying and sad. Thao said that her life was unfair for her.
At the age of 17 it got worse because Thao’s mother died. Then Thao moved in with her aunt because she didn’t have any parents and she was too young to go to work. Her aunt hated her and Thao didn’t go to school. Thao tried to smoke.
    When Thao was 18, she and a friend moved to my district and she lived next to my house. At first I thought she was a student, but she was not. She was making money by going out with old boys.
    At first I hated her, but when I started to talk to her and she told me about her life and I felt that her life was unfair to her. I told her to stop work in that job, but she wouldn’t listen to me. But then I came to America and I didn’t know about her life. When my mother went to Viet Nam, she told me that Thao was sick for three days because she tried to kill herself.
Sad about How We Treat People
    When I was a child my family treated me like a king. If I wanted something then I would get it and I would have it in my house in a few days. But my sister thought that it was unfair because she also wanted our family to take care of her the same way that I was taken care of. In my country this was how women were treated. But I didn’t think it was a problem then because I was just a child. Now that I have grown up I think that was extremely unjust.
    But there were other things in my country that were unjust. We had to be careful because everything in my country belonged to the government. The government had all the power and they took everything from the citizens. Many of the people had land, houses and natural resources. But everything they had they had to turn it in to the government, and that was not easy to understand. My country had become a communist country and everything was now the government’s.

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