We Are Americans

     “Immigrants,” some people call them “criminals,” some others say they are the problems of this country. But there are still some people who consider them to be valuable because they are a big help for the economy of this country.
     Different points of view about immigrants have made the country to go in a political chaos. Now. The U.S. government is debating with different opinions from the people.
     What will they do? Will they approve the HR 4437 and take all those immigrants who have come to this country and send them back to their countries? Would it be possible to give them the chance to be here and work, the reason why they came? Most immigrants who have come to the U.S. come to work so they can give their families a better life.
     After a long time living in this country, immigrants start seeing the U.S. as their home. They feel “American.”
     They say there are about 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. Some years ago, immigrants were the minority. But after the protests and rallies around the country, immigrants have demonstrated to show how important they are for the country.
     More than one million immigrants, mostly Latino, met on April 10 in Washington, D.C. and other cities. Everyone was united, asking for a change in the HR 4437 bill that is in process. If it is approved, it will affect the stability and the future of millions.
This rally was massive and successful. Adults, teenagers, children and even old people went to D.C to say, “We are here!” They went to show that “el pueblo unido jamas sera vencido” (people united will never be defeated). All immigrants met there to say,“We are Americans.” Washington, D.C got dressed up with red, white and blue signs and flags. (This is our home country’s flag.)
     The immigration debate intensified when this bill, HR 4437, was approved by the House of Representatives. People who agree to criminalize immigrants and the ones who help them such as teachers, priests, etc… became involved in this debate. Centers of helping immigrants, such as schools, churches, community help centers, all of the people working in these centers to help undocumented immigrants, will be criminalized and punished, too.
     On May 1st, there was a big “boycott” to support immigrants. In many cities of the U.S., thousands of people joined together to stop working and to show to those who don’t like them that without immigrants this country will be in chaos.
Many students from Blair supported the “boycott”, too. People need to know that if the 40 million Latinos who live in the U.S stopped working and didn’t help the economy to grow, millions of dollars would be lost every day.
     During these last weeks, rumors have been said about raiding immigrants in different cities of the country. Blair students have seen undocumented people arrested at bus stops and taken off buses.
     Marches are expected to be bigger, more massive than the rally was. But some immigrants are afraid of being arrested.
     Now the only thing we can do is to wait until the Congress makes a final decision that is going to decide the future of the immigrants and obviously the future of this country, too.

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