A Country without Latinos

     A country without Latinos would be like a day without sun. The fruit wouldn’t grow and the roses would die. We are part of this great country. We are here to work and fight for this great land. We are the roots of this beautiful country. We are not asking for anything that can be given to us. We show our hard work every day and this earns us the right to stay and have a better life.
     We have been here for more than four centuries. We’ve helped this country grow. Our fathers and sons have been in past wars. We fought in wars that we didn’t start, but we fought anyway out of love and pride for this country.
     We are tired of running. We run like criminals when we are not criminals. We want a spot under the sun. We wave the flag of the United States like it’s our flag because we love this country as much as our own. We wear white clothes during the marches because with this we want to show that we are peaceful people. We stand up protesting, looking for fair treatment. We don’t stand up with weapons because we are not criminals. We are brothers and sisters supporting our people.
     I hope that this great country’s great democracy will also fight for Latino people. It’s time to stop this form of modern slavery and free the souls of the Latino people and let them have what they deserve with their full right .

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