Why Do Some Immigrants Laugh at Other Immigrants?

     I have noticed that immigrants who came before sometimes don’t like those who have just come. I had a personal experience with this. In some of my classes, Latino immigrant students have made fun of me.
     I don’t know why this happens, but maybe some of them are that way because when they first came, they didn’t have anyone to help them when they needed help.
As time went by, maybe these students started to solve their problems by themselves, without help from any other immigrants students. So they started not caring about other people who are having the same problems they had.
     Maybe they think, “If no one helped me when I needed help, why would I do it? Why would I help them? They should stand by themselves.” These students even embarrass the immigrants who came later, instead of helping them.
     Maybe the solution to this problem, is in their parents and their own decision, too. I included parents because they should play an important role in their children’s behavior. I hope the parents haven’t told their children that if they didn’t get any help, they shouldn’t be helping others, much less, speaking in their language.
     We know that English is not easy to learn. Maybe it was too hard for them to learn English to try to be helpful to others.
     Parents, please, try to inculcate in your children your culture, especially your language if they have forgotten it. Students don’t forget what you and your parents have gone through. Try to understand that being in a new country is difficult. So, please, try to help newcomers instead of making fun of them, as some people made fun of me.
     Teachers, you also can do something to help these students to have a nice experience. Teachers try to help students who have just arrived in school. Encourage them to not forget or be embarrassed of their culture. Tell them to be proud of other people from other countries, especially their own country.
     Let me tell you, my experience has let me know how much it hurts when people who speak my language make fun of me when I try to speak English. I hope those people will stop hurting immigrants. Instead they should be helpful so that we can learn English more quickly.

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