Transferring Grades from Your Country?
Read and Be Warned!

     Shahid, a sophomore at Wheaton High School, is facing a problem regarding his grades. According to Shahid, his GPA in his country was 3.89, but after the grades on his transcript were translated by the school system of the Montgomery County Schools, he was very disappointed. “How come I got 2.80 GPA?” Shahid asked.
     He is worried, angry and frustrated regarding his transcript problems. He is not really pleased with the office in combining the grades of other countries for the accumulative GPA. “It’s completely not fair. This is discrimination to us,” Shahid said.
     Rajiv, a senior at another high school in Montgomery County had a similar problem. He learned about his problem during his junior year when he actually saw his transcript in his counselor’s office. “It almost gave me a heart attack,” Rajiv said.
     But it was not until his senior year, Rajiv found out the solution for his problem by visiting his counselor. His counselor told him to bring a grade translation from his country and a recommendation letter from his school which would explain the 60% in his country equals a grade of “B” or “C.” The counselor said that if 60% is a “B” grade, then automatically it will be translated as a grade of “B” in our school, too, with the credits added to it.
     Mr. Sivimli who taught in Turkey and now is an ESOL teacher at Blair believes that the school should explain this clearly to students when they first come. “Immigrant students need [an] orientation program,” Mr. Sevimli said.
     Mr. Sevimli understands why students feel worried regarding the translation of grades from one country to another. “Combining of the grades for the GPA is discouraging for the students who work hard,” he said. He’s glad that the school tries to understand the grading system of other countries.
     Mohammad Waqar who is a senior at Blair was having the same problem a few months ago. But after getting the grades from his country translated properly, today his problems are over. “My country grades changed to a 4.00 GPA,” Waqar said happily.

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