Recalling a Day of Terror - The Pakistan Earthquake


People are cleaning up the destruccion from collapsed building in Pakistan due to the massive earthquake on October 8, 2005

     The following article is from a student who was in Muzzafarbad, the town most heavily damaged by the earthquake in Pakistan last October that killed more than 100,000 people.
     The pleasant and bright morning of 8th October, 2005, turned out to be the most devastating one when an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude hit Pakistan.
I was sleeping in my room. Suddenly, I felt the tremors. I woke up not quite understanding what was happening, left my bed and ran everywhere. I could not see anything due to the dust. It was a horrible scene. I could hear sounds of screaming and crying. No one knew what was going on.
     The houses had collapsed instantly. All standing structures had come to the ground and hundreds of living beings were buried under them. Screams of fright and cries of help were sounding in the air. I saw dead bodies and injured people everywhere. My mother and uncle were badly injured.
Suddenly I recalled that my younger sister was at school. I ran and ran as fast as my legs could carry me. The blood in my veins stopped when I reached the school and saw the building completely collapsed. Already people were there trying to take out the dead bodies.
Frantically, I also joined them to find my sister. How painful it was for me when, after a long search of three hours, I took out her dead body. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I could not bear the pain of losing her but I was not alone; everyone there had suffered a loss.
     It seemed that the doomsday had come. At night there was heavy rainfall. The situation was growing worse and worse. We were without shelter and food. We were helpless. We were unable to bury the bodies, as we have no tools to dig the ground at that time.
     In all my family suffered an unbearable loss of fifty-two lives. About eighty people were injured. Relief from government reached us after five days. Until that time we took food from the two shops in our village, which were in good condition.
     On the 5th day of the earthquake, relief teams reached in our village. They gave us tents and food. All the survivors are now living in tent villages while facing the harsh conditions bravely. I want to thank the Pak Army as well as the Pakistani citizens for helping us in that difficult time. I pray to Allah to forgive us for our bad deeds.
     Although all the property which our family possessed for the last fifty years has been completely destroyed, but we are thankful to Allah for sparing our lives. We are content with whatever we have. Allah may help us to rebuild all that we have lost. Horrible memories of this quake are with me for all time to come.


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