Motivated Students Demonstrate against HR 4437


April 10, 2006, students from Blair and other schools is along with leaders from CASA de Maryland were protesting against the immigration law in front of the U.S. congress. Everyone hopes for fair treatment for all immigrants." We are not criminals."

Students Share Their Opinions about the DC Immigration Rally

     This was really a day I can never forget in my life. This country is a land of immigrants. Immigrants are very important to the economy. If we go back a little bit in history, we see that this country belongs to everybody. We are all from different countries. If they did not come here, this country would never exist. So think about this immigrant issue and do something about it. Do you want God to bless America? Take care of the refugees or immigrants.

     The April 10th 2006 was a big day for all immigrants and others. HR 4437 is the bill that was made against the illegal immigrants and ones who help or support illegal immigrants. Many people were against the HR 4437 especially the immigrants. HR 4437 says that all the illegal immigrants should be deported to their own nation. My family and I went to the rally against this bill.
    At first I thought like there wouldn’t be many people, but when I got there, I was very amazed and surprised to see the field filled with people - not only with immigrants but also with Americans. I was so happy to see all the people with their spirit. At that moment, I thought immigrants are not left behind. They are always supported by kind and good-hearted people around them.
The rally went peacefully and successfully. Now we all hope that the members of Congress come up with better solutions to make all the immigrants and Americans happy and peaceful in this nation.

     Immigrants that come to the United States and add diversity are very important to the economy. Everybody that is not Native American has ancestors from other countries and immigrants are not criminals. Our country needs immigration reforms that make a clear path to citizenship, not laws that divide communities and criminalize immigrants

     I think immigrants should stop working for some days, so that Americans can appreciate what all immigrants help in this country. They’d know how important immigrants are to run this country.

     I was glad to have the opportunity to support immigrants in this critical moment. Immigrants and myself included (because I’m one of them) will benefit from my action and others at the rally. I learned that we can be very active and brave when it comes to immigrants and the law. We can also be involved without any doubt. We can all motivate the others to not give up on their own rights because I believe that we are Americans, not criminals. It was a historical moment. I will always remember this significant demonstration.

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Blair students and students from other schools met at Blair and made posters for the march. On the bus provided by Casa De Maryland students asked some quesetions about the march. They also received information about what they would be doing at the march.
Many students were interviewed by news reporters. Students of Blair were out there to protest for the Immigration Laws.


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