Don’t Forget Edison High School

Douglas Reyes in an ESOL student at Kennedy High School who is currently talking the network class at Edison. Douglas likes the individual attending he gets. By taking this class he has job opportunities. Students at Edison can also get college credits internship and certification. Thomas Edison is a vary diverse school because students from all over the county come to Edison to get advantages in different programs that Edison is offering to them.

    Thomas Edison High School of Technology offers a program called Network Operations where students work on taking apart computers, rebuilding them and selling computers to the public.
    Matt Koontz a senior at Seneca Valley High school expresses pleasure being in the network program. “I like the freedom that we have with computers and the hands-on experience learning at Edison,” he said. “At Thomas Edison we can take the computers apart, which we can’t do in a normal high school,” he added.
    Students always look forward to come to network class. They said they enjoy being in this class a lot. It is an enjoyable experience in high school life with lots of opportunities that not a lot of people have. It is the foundation for an interesting career.
    This program is not only for regular students it’s for ESOL students too.
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