You Should Visit Bolivia

     Do you want to know why my country is special to travel? Do you? Once you are in my country, you will not want to leave it. Why? Well it’s because of the people, the climate, the popular places, the food, and the many parties in my country. To know more about my country keep reading.
     Independence day of my country is August 6. The first name of my country was Bolivar in honor to its liberator, Simon Bolivar. He was born in Venezuela. On August 6, 1825. Bolivia got independence thanks to Simon Bolivar.
     My country has one of the highest lakes and cities in the whole world. It’s more than 4,500 (16,000ft) meters above sea level, and they are the Titicaca Lake and La Paz city. In La Paz city it is extremely cold, and the highest temperature was 27°c. En La Paz city the people are so busy that they have no time. It is one of the biggest cities in Bolivia and the traffic is so stressful because you only hear horns and more horns and it is super boring.

El Cristo de la Concordia in Cochabamaba is famous statue in Bolivia. picture from - used with permission

     But the whole country is not boring. It has beautiful and special places. In spring the flowers are more beautiful than ever. They smell so nice; the trees are greener; the roses smell good; and for most of the seasons the people are so happy because the weather is nice. Right now in my country it is spring. And there are flowers all over wherever you go.
     The food is one of the big reasons to stay in my country and enjoy it. The cooks are mostly women and they can cook with their eyes closed, which is amazing, right? Well the food is prepared with many ingredients; there are many names for the food. I’ll tell you some, those are: Saice, Picante de pollo these food is so but listen well so spicy, pollo al hotno, ranga ranga this food is kind of sweet and spicy. Silpancho, this is kind of weird because the cooks can make it however you want it cooked either spicy or sweet.
     In my country there are many cultures, and languages. Some of the languages are Quetchua, Aymara and Guarani. These languages are so interesting and hard to learn. Quetchua and Aimara are native languages of my country, but Guarini and some other languages belong to the border region between Bolivia and Paraguay.
     There are hundreds and hundreds of interesting places, but the most famous are the Titicaca Lake, The House of the Coin, the Tropic in Santa Cruz, The Christ in Cochabamba. La Casa de la Moneda (the coin house) is a historic structure that housed the first machinery used in making the first Bolivian currency, which wasn’t paper but, were coins of much values. The topics in Santa Cruz are very hot and humid places; sometimes structure depicting Jesus of Corcobado in Rio de Jarneiro, Brazil. Which was considered to be the highest structure in the world until 1995, when the construction of El Cristo de la Concordia was finished.
     We have a lot of dances like Cueca, Chacarera, Gato, Morenada, Diablada, Sayas, Tinkus, and Tobas, these dances are indigenous together during the Carnival at the end of February, and sometimes at the beginning of March. When Groups of people are designated to perform and choreograph each and every one of these dances wearing very colorful attires and sometimes masks.
     Well, that was a little bit of the description of my country. Of course it’s more than that but I can’t find words to describe it better. If you want to now more about my country, you have to go and see it with your own eyes.
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