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The Party

Upon my balcony ....
I hear laughter from the street of Tisali...
I see young boys playing trumpet with joy and happiness
I see some bright eyes staring at me from far away ....
I now regret not going to the carnival...!

The Struggle

As I walked through the cities
of China, I saw nothing but
struggle. I put my hair towards
my face, and took a deep breath.
My heart started pumping very
fast because of the suffering
in China.


Hate the Thief

I hate it, hate it
to be a thief
in the dark
stealing bread
from the kitchen
but no silver or gold
or other expensive things.


I just imagine being in hot weather
With a lot of forest, beautiful cascade
and when I wake up I have
a pain in my heart because I'm
Not where I want to be.

The Loneliest Moment

I was on stage
Playing in a band
I was solitude
I felt I was in a trunk
flying a kite.

The lake
gets gray like
the horse hair
Just like my
brother's joke

Lost in the Woods

As the sun rose I was
walking in the woods
and listening to the
birds singing and looking
at the leaf spinning and
falling down from the
trees when I was so
thirsty because I was so

The Art Teacher

The art teacher was
sitting silently on a leather
sofa in the living room
and he was painting
the brass and button
he draws


As the ruby was robbed,
The thief was sitting
in the van hiding.
The police were looking at
the paintings in the museum
The other security were
trying to get rid of the
insects as the jewel got

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