Responding to News about Hurricane Katrina

     The terrible Hurricane “Katrina” destroyed many house in New Orleans. In some photos only the roofs are looking out of the water. The people who didn’t die, haven’t got any food and drink. They could become very sick soon. The people wait for food and help. From Germany and other countries comes help in helicopters. They bring food and clean water to the people. Furthermore they bring doctors and a lot of medicine. The destroyed families need help, too. If the parents of the children died, they haven’t got a family any more and so they’ll go crazy.
     I can’t understand that a hurricane can destroy the town so much! I don’t want to lose my family or my home, so I don’t want to feel like them in New Orleans because I’ll feel very lonely and ill.

     We have heard that Hurricane Katrina destroyed the whole of New Orleans and killed thoursands of people. We we saw pictures and read articles about it, we were skared adn felt sorry for the people in New Orleans. We have also had problems because our fuel prices went up.
     Of course we can’t understand hwo these people fell when they have lost their relatives, their homes, their pets, and their properties. It is terrible that so many people have died. We hope the situation gets better and they have our sympathy.


     This is a special time in the U.S.A. and we know about this horrible thing, too. Katrina was active from Sunday 2:00 p.m. to Wednesday 8:00 a.m. It was in the city of New Orleasn and in the states of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennesseee, and Kentucky. New Orleans is still under water. People who have water to drink are very happy. But others without water or anything to drink or aything to eat are very unhappy.
     Maybe when it will happen to me, I will feel very shocked and when a relative, maybe, dies, then I will feel unhappy. The photos of the hurricane make me sad because the people look ver tired and poo. I hope the President finds a useful answer for the big chaos.

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