Teenage Life in Germany

     Students in Ms. Ute Nowak classes wrote essays about teenage life in Germany. We have selected only a small part from longer essays that the students wrote.

     First of all I’d like to say that I enjoy being young at this time very much and that I wouldn’t change my life with anybody. It’s because my generation has so many possibilities to do something. In our free time we can go to concerts or meet with friends and we can travel around the whole world, too. Some years ago, this wasn’t normal in Germany.      The teenagers couldn’t listen to all the music which they liked and they couldn’t wear so beautiful clothes like the teenagers today. It was because they hadn’t got so much money and selection. Now it is better, especially for the families who have much money. But this is a negative fact, too. Today my generation needs money to be someone now or in the future. It’s more difficult for us to get a good job than in the past, so many pupils don’t know what they could do later.

     I would like to say that I like my teenage life very much. I have a lot of freedom in my free time. I can meet my friends every time I want to. I go to concerts and have a lot of parties and fun with my friends. But a big disadvantage of being a young person here in Germany is there is a difficult future. At the moment many people haven’t got any job. Nobody really knows what he wants to do in the future, but I think we don’t have only parties. Sometimes we think about our future. From my parents I know that they didn’t have so much fun in their free time when they were young.

     I’m a teen. I’m a lucky teen. I live in a country that makes my future sure and I’m thankful for that. I am helped by my parents. They have time to be near me. I have different friends in different things. The school teaches me what is really important for the life of grown-ups. It’s not like my mothers’ school. They were learning about communism too much.

     Living today isn’t as easy as twenty years ago. My mum, for example, told me she didn’t have to look for a job. It just fell into her hands. She also told me she didn’t want to change her life with my life. It is another sign for us that our time isn’t that easy.
     But in the end I just can say to everybody in my generation: be strong, sometime this time will end and maybe we should do the best we can today for a hopeful future,

     I’m Maike, a 16-year-old girl from Klosterfelde in Germany near Berlin. I go to the grammar school in Wandlitz and in this school we really get a lot of homeworks, I don’t like it because I sit at my desk to do them everyday for more than 2 hours and when I’ve finished them, it’s 7 o’clock. It’s terrible.
     After 7 o’clock I only can go out one hour and that’s why I haven’t got any time to enjoy my free-time. I mean, I have 2 dogs, a house, a rabbit, sisters, friend, and all want to be cared for. I haven’t got any time for them and I think my friends haven’t got much free-time, too.

     In my opinion we aren’t only a fun generation, we have to do a lot of things with responsibility. But all in all, I think teenage life is great, funny and chaotic no matter where you live or in which country.

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