Medical Careers: A Great Course at Edison H.S.

     Are you interested in the medical field and in challenging yourself by learning professional skills in high school? Have you ever dreamed yourself wearing professional clothes and working with different types of medical equipment in the hospital? Then make your dream a reality by discovering the two medical programs that the Thomas Edison High School of Technology is offering for the juniors and seniors of the Montgomery County – Medical Careers and Biotechnology.
     Medical Careers is one of the two pre-medical programs at Thomas Edison. According to Mrs. Mansky, the instructor of Medical Careers, this program has been in the county for over 20 years. Unfortunately not every high school offers a medical career program. However seniors and juniors from several high schools within the Montgomery County are warmly welcomed to attend Thomas Edison.
     Medical Careers is all about preparing students to go into the medical field. Students learn about diseases, medical terms, anatomy and physiology of the human body in this class. “Medical Careers is about learning the medical approaches to science,” said Mrs. Mansky the instructor of Medical Careers who has been teaching this course for 15 years. ”It is about learning the medical professional skills,” she added. “Students also learn CPR and first aid skills, how to write medical notes and read medical charts.”
     “It is a very fun and interesting program,” said Julie Nguyen a junior from Blair who is currently taking the medical career program in Thomas Edison.
     The medical career course is an academic college level course. Professors from Montgomery College go to Thomas Edison to teach medical terminology twice a week. Students are eligible to earn up to five college credits by taking exams at the end of the semester.
     Students express pleasure for getting ahead because they are taking an academic college course in high school, “I am so glad that I am getting some knowledge of a college course and how it works,” said Julie Nguyen.
     There are lots of advantages for taking medical career courses in high school. By taking this course you will automatically get three high school credits. Furthermore you may earn five college credits and 110 student service hours as well. Students will also earn the Maryland Board of Nursing certificate, CPR for Health Care Providers and the American Red Cross First Aid certificate for. During the second semester students who are eligible qualify to do internship at Bethesda Naval Hospital after receiving their nursing assistance certificate.
     “I think the students by the end of the year without exception are so glad they took the course,” Mrs. Mansky said. After taking Medical careers course students create lots of choices later on for their life. “Students made an excellent decision taking the medical careers course because it opens many opportunities for the future,” she added.
     To be accepted for the medical careers program, students need to have good attendance, A or B in their science classes, and should have GPA average of 2.5.
     In addition to Medical Careers, Thomas Edison offers other career related programs such as cosmetology, network operations, auto technology, graphics etc. These programs are very helpful for students to begin their career with if they are interested in such program. Students who are interested in learning more about Thomas Edison should attend an open house in February or call (301) 929-2182 for further more information or can go to school web at to learn more about the Thomas Edison programs.
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