ESOL 2 Interview Project

Jessica Buruca, left, interviewed and wrote about Kencie Antoine, right.

Kencie’s Biography

     Kencie is a good teenager. She has had an interesting life. She is cool when she talks about her past life. She has a dramatic story. Would you like to know about Kencie?
     Kencie is a girl who was born in Haiti. She is the second child in the family. In 1996 she lived only with her father and sisters because her mother left for France and then her mother left for the USA to get a better life.
     In 2004 Kencie had the opportunity to graduate in a cooking school. She was the best chef in her cooking school.
     In October, 2004 she came to USA to live with her mom and have a good life. She said that the USA has more opportunity than her country. But she will always remember her land where she was born.
     In November, 2004 it was her first day in school in the USA. She was excited because she would learn another language. She always thinks going to school is the most important thing in life.
     In July, 2005 she looked for a job. She started her first job because she didn’t want to ask her mom to give her money. She wanted to depend on herself.
     In June, 2006 she will go to visit France. She wants to visit her family and her friends. But first in 2006 she will graduate from high school. Also she dreams about going to college and taking a class of medicine.
     Well, this is the biography of Kencie the girl who was and is now a great person. I can tell you something. She also speaks French, Creole, and English.
     You know that is so cool to speak three languages. Think about this girl.

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