Love Poems


Love is anything
If you believe it,
Love is……….
You can’t touch it
You can’t hear it
You can’t see it
But you can feel it
It is a wonderful thing.

She is Like a Free Bird

She is like a bird
That lives freely
She is like a microscope
That can see deeply

She is like rose flowers
That makes you feel nice
She is like a snake with power
Which makes your life full of spice

She is like sweet cake
Which you really want to make
She is like the water clear
That gives life and holds you dear


Where Is the Truth?

Where is truth?
Who can be honest?
Who can be trusted?

I can’t find truth in this world,
A man who cannot be doubted
Everything is denied

I go to a mountain
To find a man
I go down to the river
To find my lover
I go to the west
To find the best
But I can’t find truthfulness
And this makes for deep sadness

Now, I’m tired of people
Trying to find someone
Has made my head unclear
My time t search is done
I have life’s challenges to overcome


Search Me

Search through my heart,
Whether there is love or hate for you.
Search through my soul
Whether there are feelings or there is a special place for you

Search through my mind,
What I have for you or what I think about you.
Search through all my belonging,
Where you will find only you.

Search throughout my life,
You will find everything that I have for you,
The warm love in my heart,
The special feeling in my soul,
The sweet dream in my mind,
Which all are for you.



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