Advice Corner: When You Are Feeling Homesick

In our previous issue we printed the letter below:
Dear Advice Corner,
     I’m new to this country and I don’t have a lot of friends. I miss my country a lot. It’s very hard for me to adjust to this country especially, adjust to this new school system. School in this country is different from school in my country. I have to work hard for all of my classes. In order for me to understand and to do well in all of my classes I have to work hard on my English skills. It is not an easy feeling for me when I’m struggling with the school work and I’m missing my family back in my country. Please give me some advice how to overcome this homesick feeling.

Here is an answer we received:
Dear Homesick,
     I would like to welcome you to this country since you mention that you are new to this country. Don’t you worry about not having a lot of friends because eventually you will have many friends. To make friends you have to know each other. So, what I would like to suggest to you is to try to talk to people, spend some time with them in different school activities and get to know them.
You are not the only one who has the problem of missing homeland and family. Everybody misses his or her homeland and family. To overcome this problem first you have to think why are you here and focus on the reason for you to be here. Maybe you can call your family members and visit your country in your vacation. But don’t put yourself behind. Take everything easily and say “I am the best” and “I can do everything.”
     Different countries have their own schooling systems. You should be glad that you are getting a chance to experience a different school system. Everybody doesn’t get this kind of opportunity. You will adjust to this new school system easily because once you put your first step in this school there will be many people to help you in your other steps. Once you adjust to the new school system you will start liking it and will get used to it. I know to do well in all of their classes everybody has to work hard no matter if they are here in this country or in their own country’s school. This should not be a problem. You should know it from before you came here. Nobody can be successful in his or her life without working hard.
     When the question comes for your English skills you have to think that’s why you are here in this school to make your English skills better. I can suggest one more thing – watch cartoons and English shows on TV and also please talk to people as much as you can in order to make your English skills better. The more you talk the better your English skills would be. I hope you are going to follow my advice.

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