The Punta: The Music of Honduras

   The name of a popular music in Honduras is the Punta. In a lot of countries, the Punta is very famous, but it is very difficult to dance the Punta. When we talk about the Punta, we only dance it with our feet and the back of our body. That is how you dance the Punta. You can get very tired, but it feels good to dance it.
     In Honduras, it is danced by a lot of Hondurans and lots of groups sing the Punta like La Banda Blanca, Los Gatos Brabos, and La Tribu Lenca. Those groups are an example of some of the groups.
It is also played by several others and the other groups that sing it. They are called “Garifunas.” They sing the Punta in different languages in Honduras. They do not only speak Spanish, but they speak “Garifuna.” They live on the Atlantic Coast where there are a lot of beautiful beaches so people can have fun.
     A lot of people from here, the United States, go to visit our beaches because in our beaches, there are ranches (little houses) where they sell food and have a dance floor where the groups sing the Punta.
Honduras has taken a lot of groups that dance and sing our music to other countries that dance and sing a different type of music to compete against each other. Honduras has won first place.
     The Punta is very famous music. It is originally from Honduras and was first started on the Atlantic Coast, not central Honduras. It is danced and sung in central Honduras, but it wasn’t originally from there. We really don’t know when it officially started because it is an old dance but it never loses its popularity.

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